Our App Proposal

Get a truck on-demand!

For example:

- Found something on OfferUp or Craigslist you want but cant pick it up because you don't own a truck?

- At the store and found this nice piece on sale but you can't fit it in your car?

Well Trucket is here to solve that problem. With Trucket you can simple request what vehicle type you need, on-demand or at a scheduled time and someone will show up to move your items for you.

In addition to requesting a truck on-demand, Trucket also has an in app platform for users to buy and sell to the local community. You can shop from our list of retail stores or from other users like you who are selling their used items. Purchases can be made safely through the app and delivered straight to you!


App Features

This is your 1-stop-app for quick, safe, and seamless local buying and selling with a delivery option.

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    Get a Truck

    Remove the hassle of going and picking anything up, schedule same day delivery, or choose whatever day and available time is best for you. Trucket offers a variety of vehicle types that a user can request. Meaning you get to decide how the delivery is handled.

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    All users are also sellers. You can sell your old furniture and household items to your neighbors right through the app and have them delivered straight from you to the buyer.

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    Trucket offers a platform to buy used/new furniture and other items locally. Make your purchase securely through the app and setup delivery all at once.

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    Sometimes an object to be moved is just too heavy and requires more than one person. Our system gives the user flexibility to either manually select Tailgaters and how many they need or it can be auto assigned based on the item being sold.

Start Your Store!

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same day delivery?

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This is your 1-stop-app for quick, safe, and seamless local buying and selling with a delivery option.