eCommerce With Delievery

List your products and have them delievered.

Classifieds & Retail

Have an item to sell? No problem.  Have a retail store to market?  We can help!


The convenience of local customers with the power of a national chain.

Our Benefits

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    Same Day Delivery

    Trucket gives your store the ability to deliver your products without owning any trucks. Offer same day and scheduled deliveries to meet the needs of your customers. 

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    Increase Sales

    When you can get your products seen and shipped quickly there's no doubt that you'll have more sales. Not having to stress over logistics gives you the freedom to focus on sales.

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    Maximum Exposure

    Sad but true, it's a lot easier to get eyes in an app than in your store. Using our app to reach a larger audience than you normally would will help to give you the max exposure in your local city.

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